What is Back IN School Shopping? - September 1, 2002

What is Back IN School Shopping? - September 1, 2002

Back IN School shopping is when you order all of the items you couldn’t buy when your parents or children were around the house. As the Internet’s most private retailer ShopInPrivate.com is the perfect place for Back IN School Shopping. It is no wonder we are the first to notice this yearly trend.

ShopInPrivate.com is not the type of place you would buy notepads and backpacks. We concentrate on products that are embarrassing to buy at the store of pharmacy. Sales have always been strong in September. The customers might be divided into two groups.

College students are strong B.I.S.S’ers. Students may find surfing the web from their dorm faster and more convenient than walking to the store. According to Nellie Mae 95% of college students have credit cards and many of them are comfortable shopping on the ‘net. ShopInPrivate.com got our start by marketing to students in the fall of 1998 and it has been a long, rewarding relationship.

When students return to their own environment, they purchase condoms, books about sexuality, premature ejaculation creams, diet pills, hair removers, and feminine hygiene products. Later in the season, sales of pregnancy tests, products for pubic crabs, jock itch creams, and home HIV tests will pick up as well. Sales of Vivarin surge during exam periods. These products are all important to students and uncomfortable to purchase with a parent.

Parents also Back In School Shop. They find our private environment is a great place to shop for personal items. Young parents must find their workloads decrease when their children enter school. Pregnancy planning products sell well in September. Perhaps customers are starting to look at the option of having another child? Sensual product sales increase in September. Empty nesters and young couples may find more time for their own homework. Items that sell well include books about love, sex, and relationships, massagers, massage oils, and sensual gifts.

“In the past, we used to think the surge in sales in September was driven only by increased sales to colleges. This year we were awakened when one of the first products to sell out was a book entitled “How to make love to man over 50.” Said Tom Nardone, President of ShopInPrivate.com. “We don’t ask customers their exact age but I am fairly certain that those books were not being shipped to college students”.
Tom Nardone the President of Shopinprivate.com is available for questions, comments or conversations. When he is not answering customers’ personal questions he is available at 1-800-809-0610.