Founded in August of 1998. These Photos are From August 2009.

PriveCo was founded as Isdera Corp. in August of 1998 with the vision that people would prefer to purchase some items in a private environment.

At the time, the Internet was new. Most of the stories of the day about the Internet focused on two popular uses. It seemed that many users wanted to have online chat room affairs and to surf for adult content.

We realized that ordinary people were doing things on the 'net that they would never do in public. The Internet was a tremendous tool for privacy and anonymity. He decided that people may want to purchase personal products using this newfound privacy.

We began with a simple website and fifty items. It was an immediate hit. Our team has never stopped riding the wave of our success. As of this writing, Our websites offer over 3000 items, have served over 2,000,000 customers and have allowed our customers to avoid countless embarrassing encounters.

As long ago as 1999 the PriveCo began to create other private shopping environments. We use our warehouse staff and web development skills to provide all sorts of personal items. If you want to purchase any product in a private environment, we want to be the company that you trust with that purchase.

In late 2006 the company name was changed to PriveCo Inc. PriveCo rhymes with Jive snow or dive low. The name was created by shortening the two words private and company. We feel that the name PriveCo while still discrete, focuses on what we offer our customers.

In 2012 we started to develop our own products. Not content to just be a retailer, we wanted to engineer products that help people avoid embarrassment. One of our current offerings, Dignity Lifts help people use the bathroom independently.

Our hard work has continued to make our vision come true. Technology does overcome embarrassment.

Our mailing address is:
PriveCo Inc.
1892 Thunderbird
Troy, MI 48084
Our toll-free number is 1-800-809-0610
International customers can call 1-248-457-6874
Our email is help at PriveCo dot com.