What Do People Shop In Private For? Aug. 7th, 2002

What Do People Shop In Private For? Aug. 7th, 2002

Michigan, August 7th, 2002: ShopInPrivate.com, a company that has offered a completely private shopping environment since August of 1998 can tell you what people like to shop in private for. We have prepared a small report about our unique niche. What do people shop in private for? What do people want to buy in a completely private environment?

1. Our best selling product is a high strength anti-perspirant called Certain Dri. We have a small legion of Certain Dri users that regularly visit to buy this unique product.

2. Hair Removers for both men and women are also very popular. Products for the bikini and pubic area sell best in our private environment.

3. We sell plenty of condoms. From small to extra large, we offer condoms in an assortment of sizes, shapes and materials.

4. Feminine hygiene products are very popular. Many shipments are sent overseas where certain brands are not available.

5. Nose hair trimmers. We published a comparison test of every nose hair trimmer we could find. You might say we are the world’s leading authority on them.

6. Rogaine sells very well in our private environment. We have Rogaine for men and for women.

7. People use enemas for a number of reasons such as constipation, health, medical preparation, etc. People buy them from us for one reason. Privacy.

8. Personal lubricants and vaginal moisturizers are products that anyone would want to shop in private for.

9. Acne treatments are popular for overseas customers. We have shipped them to over 70 countries.

10. Massagers and vibrators sell very well here. Where else would a woman buy one? Adult stores are not female friendly and mail order companies bombard you with unwanted catalogs.

11. Diet products might be best purchased in the privacy of your home.

12. Customers like to shop in private for solutions to sexual problems. Products for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and improved female orgasms are popular.
We sell many other products on our website but these products all have something in common. They are desirable and necessary to a number of people and they are difficult to purchase in a store or pharmacy. We are very proud to allow people to ShopInPrivate for them.

Tom Nardone the President of Shopinprivate.com is available for questions, comments or conversations. When he is not answering customers’ personal questions he is available at 1-800-809-0610.