We Stand for Freedom of Choice

We Stand for Freedom of Choice

Hi there, I’m Tom, the President of PriveCo and BulletSafe.com. Today I wanted to take a little time to tell you about who we are as a company, what we stand for, and why we do things the way we do.

At our 9 retail websites, we sell a pretty eclectic mix of products, ranging from bachelorette party supplies to sex toys to bulletproof vests and more. A lot of people ask me how I decided to sell such wildly different products and why it makes any sense for a business to do that. Well, if you ask me, as different as they might seem, I think everything we sell actually does have one thing in common: we sell items that are hard to find, often overpriced, or otherwise difficult for the average consumer to purchase.

I believe that everyone should have the freedom to buy whatever it is they’re looking for. In this modern day and age, when you have a dozen fast food joints around the corner and a thousand TV channels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have that same freedom of choice when it comes to your other needs. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, why should anyone stop you from buying what you need for your health, protection, or entertainment? Yet there are still a smorgasbord of laws, company policies, and other societal obstacles that get in the way.

Take sex toys, for example. Did you know that it’s completely illegal to buy or sell sex toys in the state of Alabama? Alabama still has a law on the books called the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act which criminalizes the sale of sex toys, and though there have been multiple attempts to repeal the ban, it’s still firmly in place. Alabama might be the only state where they’re explicitly banned, but the prevailing social stigmas around sex toys reduce their availability everywhere. This is exactly why PriveCo exists, to give you somewhere where you can choose from hundreds of these items without worrying about outdated laws or social stigmas getting in the way.

To give another example, think back to the last time you went to the party supply store. Did you see any bachelorette party supplies there? Probably not, and if you did, I bet the selection was limited to a few pink sets of plasticware and a poorly-designed banner or two. Most party stores refuse to sell any of the best bachelorette party merchandise, for one simple reason: most of it is penis-themed. Now, I’m not criticizing them; I totally understand not wanting to sell adult-themed goods in a child-friendly store. If I ran that type of shop I probably wouldn’t want a big smiling penis hanging right next to the Mickey Mouse pinatas either. But there has to be somewhere where you can buy these things, and since it seems traditional retailers are still reluctant to broaden their horizons, that’s why Bachelorette.com exists.

Whether you’re looking to buy a bulletproof vest without unreasonable restrictions or want somewhere you can compare and contrast dozens of enema bags, PriveCo is here to help you make your choice in a pressure- and judgment-free environment. That commitment to making the products you want available to you without a hassle is what all of our stores, as different as their inventories may look, have in common.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a little better understanding now of what we’re all about, and why I think the work we do here at PriveCo is so important.