Wait, Don’t Give That As A Mother’s Day Gift!

Wait, Don’t Give That As A Mother’s Day Gift!

ShopInPrivate.com – The World’s Most Private Store wants to remind its customers that we are NOT a good place for Mother’s Day gifts. We sell private and embarrassing items, products that people don’t want anyone to know they own. These things generally do not make great gifts.

ShopInPrivate.com also promises to never email you after the sale. That’s right, we have no email list. We never have, and we never will. Ordering from us is totally private.

Unfortunately, this gives us no method to warn recent buyers that their purchase shouldn’t be given on Sunday May 12th. We hope you will help us spread the word.

Mother’s Friend is a stretch mark prevention cream. We know the name sounds friendly, and motherly, but if you are one of the 22 customers that bought it this week, please don’t give it on Sunday.

Lure For Her is perfume, and perfume could be a good gift, but this perfume has pheromones in it that are meant to attract a man. Is that really a Mother’s Day conversation? So, for all 15 people that bought it, beware.

Zip Wax Hair Remover is the best hair removing wax in the universe and your Mom might be a devotee, but 33 people could be about to make a grave mistake.

Crystal might be a good gift for Mom, but a Crystal Dildo is not. 12 people better watch out.

Did giving birth to you cause your Mom to suffer from stress incontinence? Buying her Vaginal Weights for Kegel Exercises, while a great solution, isn’t appropriate. 11 people could be on the verge of a faux pas.

A silk scarf or silk blouse might be a good gift for Mom, but Liquid Silk, a great personal lubricant, is not in the same category. 22 people.

Hemorrhoid Ointment That Numbs is a great idea, just not for Mother’s Day. We are pretty certain that all 12 tubes aren’t going to be gifts. At least we hope.

This device would allow your Dad to remove his own back hair so that your Mom wouldn’t have to shave it any longer. Perhaps 3 people did get it right? Then again, I doubt it.

About ShopInPrivate.com
ShopInPrivate.com is the world’s most private store. We sell anything that would be embarrassing to buy in person. If you have an embarrassing condition that needs attention, you can shop in private for a cure at ShopInPrivate.com. The purchase will be easy, delivery is quick and discreet, and we hold your personal information in the strictest of confidence. We just want you to remember that some items are best purchased for oneself.

Tom Nardone, President of ShopInPrivate.com, is available for questions, comments or conversations.