Tom Likes to "Pay It Forward" by Helping People Review Their Business Ideas. He Can Help You.

Tom Likes to "Pay It Forward" by Helping People Review Their Business Ideas. He Can Help You.


I'm Tom. I might be able to help you with your idea for a business. Meeting cool new people and hearing about their business plans keeps my life interesting. I will help you because I enjoy it and I think I'm kind of good at it. It's a favorI can give to you.

Here is what caused me to start offering this favor to people. Back in 1998 I was writing business plans for a living, working at Ford Motor Company, and enjoying life. I was paid to do something that I really loved and I think I was pretty good at it.

Then, something happened. I came up with a great business idea for myself that was too good to pass up. That's how I started PriveCo. Now, I run a company and try to make the best use of my skills to grow our business. It is really fun and rewarding but sorta limited in scope.

The thing is, I still love to talk about business ideas. I also like to meet new people and hear their thoughts on different business plans and possibilities. I wish I could do more of it.

I'm helpful too. I've got decades of experience and a lot of street smarts. I teach a class in business planning and guest lecture in Entrepreneurship studies. I could probably charge money for this, but I don't. I just like to help people and I can help you too.

Here is how it works. If you want to meet with me, we can have lunch. I eat lunch ever single day and I like to leave my work behind and take a break. I can have lunch with you and talk about your business idea. We'll have a chat. No more, no less. I'll be candid, honest, and I may just give you good advice. I may love your business idea or I may hate it. You'll hear about it either way. I'll be honest in a way that your friends and family may not be.

After lunch though, there is probably no follow-up. I don't offer a service, I don't want you to pay me or hire me. I probably won't ever be part of your company. I'm just a knowledgeable, friendly guy you will have lunch with.

Here are the rules:

1. Email me to schedule something.

2. We will meet at my office first. It is in Troy, MI. I can give you a tour if you want.

3. We will go for a quick, inexpensive lunch nearby.

4. You are buying. Think of paying for lunch as a form of hush money. You buy lunch and I won't tell anyone about your business plans. I'm good at keeping secrets.

5. After lunch I will return to work and may never think about your business again, so you might want to ask me a lot of questions during our meeting.

Does that make sense? If so, email me. You can probably find me through Facebook, a mutual friend, or by using my first name (tom), the at sign (@) and then Got it? Great. I hope to meet you and I hope I can help.