Tips for Affiliates - Voume 1

Tips for Affiliates - Voume 1


Are you ready for a kickass affiliate newsletter? I hope so.

I’m Tom, the founder and president of PriveCo Inc. – We are the company that owns and runs,,,, and I’ve temporarily taken over duties as the affiliate marketing manager. I’ll only be doing this for a couple of months, so I figured I could do it my way.

I'm a straight shooter, I'm not very politically correct, and I sell weird shit for a living, so expect some unusual things in these newsletters, including swearwords. I'm not stupid though and I also manage to sell more than $5M worth of stuff every year, so you might want to listen to what I have to say. Here goes.

Today’s newsletter is going to be a good beginning. 4 Things Affiliate Can Do To Get More Traffic

1. Create some god-damned content. As someone who has had over 6,000 affiliates under his watch for almost a decade, I can say that the ones who make the most profit have some type of content on their sites. They own websites that someone would actually read and use. Want to make money online? Write something. Don’t write it for Google either, write it for real people to read, because google's spider may make your traffic numbers look good but it doesn't buy anything from a store. You need real people.

2. Use every opportunity to optimize your site. Once you have decided to create a site, make sure that everyone knows what it is about. If your site is about backgammon, make sure you include Backgammon in the title, description, keywords, image filenames, domain name, video file names, alt. tags, etc. Got it? If you are going to enter a file, directory, or other piece of information, make sure it includes the word backgammon. This is easy, you just have to know to do it.

3. Let other people know about your site, but don’t be a jerk about it. So, you’ve got a backgammon site and you wrote something useful about backgammon, why not let some backgammon enthusiasts know about it. Maybe they will tell some friends…

4. Cheat - That's right, I'm telling you to take every shortcut you can. Why, because you are an affiliate, you have very little to lose. I would cheat if I could, but I've got a warehouse, 11 employees, three kids, and a building mortgage to pay. I also can't change my domain name overnight. I have to follow the rules. You do not. So use the strategy du jour to create link farms, buy forum links, pay people to write phony reviews. I don't care what you do and no one else does either. Make your money now before Google figures it all out. Then, if you get banned, try something else.

This affiliate program message was brought to you by the desire to kick some butt. So get out there and do it. Being an affiliate is a great job it's the modern day equivalent to the wild west out there. Cowboy up.


Tom Nardone
President, PriveCo Inc.