Three Steps To A Successful Bachelorette Party - May 17th, 2000

Three Steps To A Successful Bachelorette Party - May 17th, 2000

As bridal showers become increasingly lavish, women have been adding less formal bachelorette parties to the list of prenuptial activities.
Women today are increasingly strong, independent, worldly, and fun. They deserve one last wild night out before they marry. Here are some pointers that will help you entertain friends and provide the bride a night to remember.


Games can include any number of activities from drinking games, guessing games, scavenger hunts, and ribald parlor tricks and activities. Try to focus on having a little outrageous fun and flattering the bride to be. Scavenger hunts might focus on gathering her favorite snacks, drinks, and such and bringing them back to the party. Other games can include “20 questions about the bride” where you flatter your friend with all you know about her. Naughty parlor games can include Penis-shaped Piñatas or “Pin the Macho on the Man” a variant on pin the tail on the donkey where each participant receives an unusual penis to attach to a macho-man poster.


Unlike the festivities at the bridal shower the bachelorette party includes raucous fun. Follow the simple rules of eat, drink, and be merry and you cannot go wrong. Jell-O shots, blowjobs (the drink), a penis shaped cake, a pizza party, or a trip to the local bar are appropriate here. Make sure you provide the Bride’s favorites and that she has a safe ride home.

Gifts and Vulgarity

To be sure that the bachelorette party is truly memorable you might want to add in some vulgarity. Corny gifts are a staple here. Popular gift items at include penis drinking straws, X-rated fortune cookies (your lucky number is 69-69-69), gummy penis candies, and hopping peters. Once married, the bride will never again have the opportunity to appear in public holding a six-foot inflatable penis. has provided customers with a private, discreet, and secure shopping environment since August of 1998. We offer discreet shipping, an unparalleled privacy policy, and a selection of over 800 personal products and private items. When you shop in private you avoid the embarrassment, inconvenience, and possible harassment associated with buying your most personal items in public.