The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2010 by - Dec. 7, 2010

The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2010 by - Dec. 7, 2010

The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2010 sells items that are embarrassing to buy. These products solve personal issues and buying them at ensures your privacy. Unfortunately, sometimes people get confused and try to give these items as gifts. Each year, as a public service, releases a list of the worst gifts. Please tell your friends to avoid buying these items for others.

10. Americaine - A Pain Relieving Hemorrhoid Cream - No one wants to see a loved one suffer. If your loved one suffers from the pain of hemorrhoids, just don't look at them.

9. A Nose Hair Trimmer - Each December we sell hundreds of nose hair trimmers. Are they being purchased by conscientious dinner guests or clueless gift givers? We have no idea.

8. Penis Rejuvenator - Rejuvenation? What happened to the penis that needs rejuvenation? Did it rust? Was it damaged in a pickle-cutter? Was it worn out on a Rock & Roll tour? No matter what, Penis Rejuvenator is not a great gift.

7. Irritable Bowel Capsules - If they gave an award for the drugstore business's most embarrassing product, this might be the 2010 champion. Imagine peeling back the gift wrap and being greeted by the giant words “Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

6. K-Y Silk E Vaginal Moisturizer - Sure, it has great customer reviews, but women who went through “the change” in 2010 do not want to be given their new favorite personal lubricant.

5. Herpetrol - As you might know, there is no cure for Herpes. There are only medicines that can minimize breakouts and relieve the pain of cold sores, but there is no cure. Merry Christmas.

4. Magic Stamina Spray - During the holidays, the air is full of magic, hopefully not this type of magic.

3. Subtle Butt - Subtle Butt are odor-absorbing buttock pads. The concept of Subtle Butt pads is funny, the spelling is funny, and the product apparently works, but that just isn't enough.

2. Fresh Balls - With a name like Fresh Balls, it could be a personal product for men, or it could be a product that rejuvenates soiled sporting goods. Since this is a press release for, you can figure it out.

Finally, The Worst Christmas Gift of 2010:

1. Age Reversing Night Cream - A great romantic gift says “I will love you forever.” This gifts says “You look like it.”

About sells anything that would be embarrassing to buy in the store or pharmacy. If you have an embarrassing condition that needs attention, you can shop in private for a cure at The purchase will be easy, delivery will be fast, and we hold your personal information in the strictest of confidence. We just want you to remember that some items are best purchased for oneself.

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