The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2007 - November 20th, 2007

The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2007 - November 20th, 2007

Embarrassing products are the specialty at You see, is the world's most private store. They sell items that are uncomfortable to buy in person. Customers shop in private because it is discreet, easy and convenient. is a great place to buy strange items. Unfortunately, some of these items should not be given as Christmas gifts.

10. Zip Wax Facial Hair Remover - Large Size: Hair remover is a very bad Christmas gift. Facial hair remover? Worse. Large size facial hair remover? Worstest.

9. Wartner Instant Wart Remover: I want to celebrate the fact that you can now buy professional quality wart removal products for home use. I also enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ. Different days people, different days.

8. Yes! Pheromone Cologne: Giving your unwed brother pheromone cologne tells him that you think he stinks and need help with the ladies.

7. Rogaine: "You know, I noticed at Thanksgiving dinner that you were losing your hair..."

6. Saliva Substitute: Does your loved one have trouble creating her own saliva? Address this problem at some other time. When I was a boy my Momma used to tell my Pa "Spit and the holidays do not mix."

5. A Giant Enema Bulb: Enemas are useful in relieving difficult constipation. Many people also use enemas with the goal of preventing colon cancer. Some folks use them to stay extra-clean. No matter how enemas are used, they don't sound very Christmas-y to me.

4. Anal Bleaching Cream: An amazingly popular product at When buying bum bleach, people really enjoy our private shopping environment.

3. The Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy System: I can't imagine how stable your marriage would have to be before you could give an erectile dysfunction device as a present. I suppose New Years' Eve would be fun though.

2. The LiceMeister Lice Comb: Some people like to receive the best-of-the-best as a gift. Shoes, clothes, watches, and cars, they buy only best. Here is the world's best lice comb. It will remove lice and eggs from any hair and it will remove the joy from any holiday gathering.

...and the worst gift idea for 2007 is:

1. Americaine Hemorrhoidal Ointment: Most hemorrhoidal creams moisturize delicate tissue. Some even use an antihistamine to prevent itch. Americaine adds a topical numbing agent. Perfect if you have nasty, painful hemorrhoids. Yay!

About sells anything that would be embarrassing to buy in the store or pharmacy. If you have an embarrassing condition that needs attention, you can shop in private for a cure at The purchase will be easy, delivery will be fast, and we hold your personal information in the strictest of confidence. We just want you to remember that some items are best purchased for oneself.

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