The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2006 - Nov. 22, 2006

The Worst Christmas Gifts of 2006 - Nov. 22, 2006

Since 1998 has proudly sold embarrassing items in the world's most private shopping environment. Each year we also bring you a list of the worst Christmas gifts. Here are the worst Christmas gifts of 2006.

10. Oops! Disposable Underwear: Take the annual disappointment that comes with your yearly gift of socks and underwear. Combine that disappointment with a commentary about bodily functions. Oops!

9. Male Sexual Function Products: With names like ManDelay, Stamina RX, and Rejoyn these products sound more like a playground joke than a cure. This year we are choosing them all.

8. Padded Butt Underpants For Men: How does a person explain the use of these when they take off their pants? "Oh, those. I wear them because my chair at work is uncomfortable." just doesn't sound convincing.

7. The Razorba Back Shaver: There is only one way to remove your back hair without enlisting the help of another person. It is called the Razorba. It is a strange invention and horrible gift idea.

6. Grapefruit Flavored Feminine Wash: If a woman wants to smell and taste like citrus that is her business. It is not yours.

5. Anal Bleaching Cream: Repeats on this list are rare, but how can we not include anal bleaching cream again? We can't believe people are actually buying it.

4. Smaller Condoms: In 2004 the worldwide supply of small condoms was given a devastating blow. Lifestyles, the #1 maker of snugger condoms discontinued their product. We (and our customers) were devastated. Finally, in 2006 a new manufacturer has introduced a small condom. Cause for celebration? Maybe. On Christ's birthday? Nope.

3. Femtone Vaginal Weights: Exercise equipment seems to be a fairly strange holiday gift to begin with. Kegel exercise equipment elevates the situation to really weird.

2. A Stripper Pole: The maker of this stripper pole claims that pole dancing is the latest fitness fad. We have to wonder among who? In 6 months we have only sold two of them.

...and the worst gift idea for 2006 is:

1. The Idiots Guide to Oral Sex: Some gifts say "I love you". Some gifts say "I care about you". This gift says "Hey dumbass, you stink at oral sex".

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