The Web's Most Private Videos - December 22, 2004

The Web's Most Private Videos - December 22, 2004

How did one entrepreneur turn a home-made video studio into a privacy tool? He has begun publishing answers to his customer's most embarrassing questions.

Tom Nardone sells items that are embarrassing to buy in a store or pharmacy. His company, Isdera Corp. sells them online, where you can avoid the lines and clerks to shop in private for your most personal items. Their largest site, boasts over 100,000 very satisfied customers. "I have a unique job and I love that about it. Since 1998 we have been pioneers in selling personal products and nothing stops us from trying something new, especially if it will prevent embarrassment in some way." says Nardone.

His latest endeavor is to add video clips to his company's website. These clips provide sound and motion to products that might be hard to understand. One video, which showcases the razorba, a back shaving tool, demonstrates a product which is almost impossible to understand from a still photograph. A second video gives advice on how disabled customers can use the bowel evacuant product that they need. "Watching these videos is like having a personal consultation" says Nardone "I can answer questions, provide help, express my opinions, and offer information you won't find anywhere else and might not want to ask about."

While at first the videos seem a little amateurish they are an effective tool. Customers can watch anytime in the privacy of their home to get the answers they need. Quite a few people are watching the videos. One of the videos on has been viewed over 2,000 times in the last 30 days.

What is next for Nardone and company? "We invested about $10,000 as well as the back corner of our warehouse into our video studio so we plan to create a number of short videos to help our customers. We are not Hollywood, but we can be helpful." He said.

Here are links to their first batch of product videos:

The Razorba Back Shaver Video

Enemeez Bowel Evacuant

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The Cleancut Personal Hair Remover

How a Rabbit Vibrator Moves

Is Rogaine Right for You?

About Isdera Corporation
If you want to purchase something but going to the store seems like an embarrassing proposition Isdera Corp has a solution for you. They own and operate 8 online stores that allow you to Shop In Private. Over 250,000 customers enjoy the privacy, ease of purchase, and quick delivery that Isdera Corp. provides. Tom Nardone the founder and president is available for conversations at 1-248*744*3580.