The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2008 - November 25th, 2008

The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2008 - November 25th, 2008

The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2008

Every Year provides a list of the 10 worst Christmas gifts. We warn you not to buy these items because they send the wrong messages. Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, sharing and treating each other with kindness. These gifts
don't send that message. Instead, they say something entirely different. Here they are.

10. Pubic Hair Dye: Buying someone Pubic Hair Dye lets them know that you noticed they have grey pubic hair. Awkward.

9. The Bettie, a body slimming undergarment: Giving The Betty says that you have no confidence that this person will diet or exercise to lose weight.

8. Pin-X pinworm medication: Pinworms are little parasites that tend to infect the digestive tract of small children. Reminding a relative of their ailments on Christmas is not a great way to spread yuletide joy.

7. The Shower Power Bathtub Handle for Shower Sex: If your Aunt Edna broke her wrist due to unknown circumstances, you should not assume that this product will prevent future injury.

6. Stress Tabs Weight Formula: If you know a person that is more
interested in computers than anything else, you would buy them a computer-related gift. If you know a person that is more interested in shoes than anything else, you would buy them a shoe-related gift. If someone bought you Stress Tabs Weight Formula, they bought you a stress and weight-related gift. They must think you are sketchy and fat.

5. Subtle Butt fart filters: These filters keep your gas from bothering others. Subtle Butt is not the first product has found to perform this function, but there is something
mysterious we like in its name. The word subtle has always seemed to have the word butt in it anyway. Oh well, even if you are as fascinated as we are, you still shouldn't buy these as a Christmas gift.

4. A Stainless Steel Shower Bidet: Personal hygiene products should never be given as gifts and the Stainless Steel Shower Bidet is the perfect storm of personal hygiene products. It suggests a lack of cleanliness, it is meant for the nether regions, and it is made from corrosion resistant materials. Does someone think that your lack of hygiene can only be overcome by corrosion-resistant metals?

3. A Mucus Clearing Device: Nothing spoils the fun of a Christmas dinner like the mental picture of Grandpa using his new mucus clearing therapy contraption.

2. Pretty Feet and Hands: Giving a brand of hand and foot lotion called Pretty Feet and Hands says‚ I think you have ugly feet and hands.

Finally, it wasn't difficult to determine this year's worst Christmas Gift.

1. Enema Coffee: Coffee almost always makes a great gift, so please buy your family a nice gift from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or even a local roaster. We beg you not to Shop In Private for Christmas coffee. Please. This stuff is different.

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