The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2005 - November 30th

The 10 Worst Christmas Gifts of 2005 - November 30th

Since 1998 has proudly sold embarrassing items in the world's most private shopping environment. Each year we bring you a list of the worst Christmas gifts. Here are 2005's worst.

10. The Man Catcher Voodoo Kit: Nothing says 'I think you are reaching the point of desperation' more than a gift of voodoo charms meant to attract a mate.

9. The Handi-Cleanse Personal Bidet: While personal hygiene is important, the exact method that your friends and family use to freshen up should be left for them to decide.

8. The Bulge: Even if some people buy an item that fills out the front of their underpants, no one should be given such an item.

7. The Razorba Back Shaver: There is only one way to remove your back hair without enlisting the help of another person. It is called the Razorba, a strange invention and horrible gift idea.

6. Bubbles Butt Lifting Lingerie: Even if it is a good idea. Even if your friend looks the same front-to-back. Even if they weigh 50 pounds less than you. Don't do it.

5. Anal Bleaching Cream: This year E! channel made a big deal out of anal bleaching and sales skyrocketed. Fortunately for all of us anal bleaching cream won't make it on anyone's wish list.

4. The Hardness Factor: Books on erectile dysfunction, while useful, don't work well as stocking stuffers.

3. The Strippers Guide To Looking Great Naked: Some gifts say "I love you". Some gifts say "I care about you". This gift says "I don't like the way you look naked".

2. A Nose Hair Trimmer: Rarely will you see a retailer try to discourage sales but each year we ask people not to buy nose hair trimmers for their relatives. Unfortunately over 1,000 do.

...and the worst gift idea for 2005 is:

1. Cross Dress for Success: Even if Aunt Mildred used to be Uncle Milton you might want to let that tidbit of family history rest for a little while. A how-to book won't solve anything.

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