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Our premier site. is The World's Most Private Store. redesigned to remind people that we defend their privacy.
People need someone to defend their privacy. They need a superhero that will step up and do what is right. That Superhero is Mister Private, the new face of Mister Private reminds shoppers that their secret is safe at President Makes The Media Rounds, October 2007.
Just before the Christmas season in 2007 Tom Nardone appeared on Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America and on MTV. mentioned in a leading business Book.
Startup Nation, the leading book on starting a business devoted a chapter to the founder Tom Nardone has also appeared on the Startup Nation radio program during 2004, 2005, and 2006. makes The Wall Street Journal.
Sometime before June 16, 2003 we must have save someone big an embarrassing trip to the store. That was the day that the Wall Street Journal did an article about our business and how we were doing well at selling embarrassing items. It was a nice article and we liked it..

Money Magazine Mentions
In the April 2000 Issue (page 32) Money Magazine profiled our business. For a small company like ours, a mention in Money Magazine is certainly something to be happy about. You'll have to read the article yourself to see where they called our President, Tom Nardone a "Net Loser". In a recent press-release Tom declared "I am broke" and Money magazine responded. "Nardone's business - an online drugstore that sells "private" products such as Ex-Lax and Rogaine - is growing steadily. Trouble is, private investors have been put of by the "sensual products"... Another problem: Nardone promises customer anonymity, so he can't make money by selling the mailing list or with direct e-mail ads. " We certainly agree with that. Unfortunately, their analysis is based mainly on the common belief that internet companies need to harass their customers into coming back. Here at we know that customer service, complete privacy and a comprehensive selection are the key to success. We've been growing steadily since August of 1998 as proof. Sometimes being called a "Net Loser" isn't so bad. We actually liked the article and have hung a framed copy on our office wall. We are acquiring quite a few lately.

Walking Magazine Calls "Worth Noting"
Walking magazine calls "worth noting" in there page about interesting businesses and products. The magazine goes on to say:  "Sweet Anonymity FACE="Helvetica"> Trying to ignore that itchrash, or unwanted hair just so you don't have to make an embarrassing trip to the drug store? The site mails you the  HREF=""> creamspotions, and devices you'd rather keep to yourself." We couldn't have said it any better. Receives Yahoo Shopping's Top Service Award.
In the words of Yahoo Shopping:
"The star is a sign of
superlative quality.
It means that the store is participating in our Customer Rating Program, and that customers who have ordered from that store have given it the highest ratings. Nearly all Yahoo! stores have good customer satisfaction ratings, but those with a star are the best of the best, with at least 95% positive ratings." Here at we are very proud of our star and have started to show it with our logo on every page. makes the pages of Business Week Magazine.
We could tell you that was mentioned in Business Week Magazine's "The Info Tech 100 - The World's Best Performers" issue. That statement would only be partially true. We were in that issue but we were not the subject of that article. We did however manage to get some coverage because our president wrote about our experiences with efficient marketing for an internet business. Business Week liked the letter and published it. (It's the June 21st, 1999 issue). makes the news in Psychology Today.
We were feeling a little depressed, but Psychology today came to the rescue. The June/July issue of Psychology Today discusses Shopinprivate in the News section (page 12). Not only do they discuss our privacy policies and review the service that we offer, but they even had a Ph.D. in Psychology give some comments about our business. Suddenly we feel much better.

Success Magazine Profiles in an article entitle "Selling Secrets".
This article was one of our favorites (April 1999 issue, page 154). It is endearing to us because of the interesting opening line:  "Not many people want to be the first thing you think of when it comes to hemorrhoidswarts, and yeast infections, but Thomas Nardone doesn't mind". They are right, I don't mind says Tom. The article concludes by saying: "Nice - and smart - is what you might call their privacy policy. No customer data are shared with or sold to anyone else. "We'll succeed or fail on one thing", vows Nardone, "that customers believe their secret is safe with" We are flattered.

In Style Magazine Recommends for Valentines Purchases.
In the February issue of In-Style magazine received its first nationwide media coverage. The title of the article was "Red Hot & Electronic" and it suggested four websites for Valentine's day purchase. Our site was mentioned for the sensual section. In Style also mentioned our ease of use, speed and of course our privacy policy as a reasons to shop in private.

Shopinprivate Makes The Front Page of The Local Paper
Twas the day before Christmas, 1998. It must have been a slow news day in South East Michigan because we made the front page, center column of the local paper. "Saving Face on The Net" was the title of the article. It spanned almost a full page and continued onto page 12.
Looking back on that article it seems like small potatoes, but we have a framed copy on the office wall. It did have a color photo of all of the employees (just Tom at the time).

Shopinprivate continues to attract media coverage. Look for more items in the future.

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