Shop In Private Product Demonstration Videos - May 22, 2006

Shop In Private Product Demonstration Videos - May 22, 2006

Shop In Private, the world's most private drugstore invites you to see why their customers continue to make their business among the Internet's most successful.

One reason that is so successful is their comprehensive privacy policy. All customer information is held in the strictest of confidence. does not send e-mail or catalogs. Once a customer's purchase is delivered, the company will never use that information again.

Other companies may send a reminder e-mail 30 days after your hemorrhoid cream has been delivered. see that type of business tactic as an invasion of privacy.

Another reason is so successful is their selection of the world's most embarrassing products. lists over 1,500 personal products and private items. These items can solve such embarrassing personal issues as jock itch, back hair, cockroach infestation and of course smelly gas.

Sometimes just listing products on an internet site is not enough. Some products need further explanation. That is why has built a video studio to create online product videos. These videos explain products you may have never seen before. While these videos are not hollywood productions, they do show products in ways that are not possible with only a photograph.

Since 1998 has supplied over 200,000 customers with a completely private way to purchase their most personal items. is the world's most private store. You can click here for a video tour of's office and warehouse or you can call Tom Nardone the President of at 1-800-809-0610.