Shave Your Back Jack! - April, 2004

Shave Your Back Jack! - April, 2004 is proud to introduce a new invention that will change the lives of hairy-backed men everywhere. The Razorba back shaving tool is an innovation that many will enjoy hearing about and some may actually purchase. Although back shaving may be something you have never given much thought, the inventors of the Razorba certainly have.

Now that we have you thinking about back hair you may see the dilemma. Back hair can be embarrassing to have, but it can be even more embarrassing to remove. Before the Razorba, a man with back hair needed to enlist the help of a friend, spouse, or a small team of Estheticians. Just asking for help was probably too much stress for most men to endure. The Razorba is answering their prayers.

With the Razorba and a razor any man can remove the monkey from their back and be ready for bathing suit season in a few minutes. The Razorba is best used in the shower where a man can lather and rinse well. The angled head of the Razorba allows him to easily shave any part of his back without nicks and cuts. The even Razorba fits most reusable and disposable razors.

While offers a money-back guarantee on all items we cannot be held responsible for clogged drains.

About Us: Before Isdera Corporation created men and women were forced to buy personal products face-to-face in a potentially embarrassing situation. When debuted in 1998, private shopping began. Since that time over 100,000 customers have chosen to Shop In Private for their most personal items, like the Razorba.