RiotReady Riot Gear Now On Sale - July 5, 2017

RiotReady Riot Gear Now Available From

You can finally afford riot gear for your entire team. BulletSafe, the company that brought you the effective and affordable BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest, has just launched RiotReady, a new, high-value line of riot gear.

Riot gear isn’t just useful to protect yourself in the event of a riot or when violence breaks out - it can also be invaluable while playing extreme sports, while working jobs in hazardous environments, or in many other dangerous situations. For this reason, riot gear is in high demand for a wide variety of customers, from security guards and campus police officers, to bounty hunters and preppers, to paintballers and airsoft players. Unfortunately, many people are usually unable to afford riot gear, because its high degree of protection puts it at a price point of several hundred dollars per piece.

Until today. With the introduction of RiotReady, BulletSafe is pleased to announce that this versatile and reliable protection is now accessible to anyone who wants it. The RiotReady line consists of the following three top-of-the-line products at unbeatable prices:

1. Riot Pads Set: This set of full-body protective gear includes shoulder pads, arm guards, and leg protectors which extend from the knees down over the ankles. This set is ideal for protecting your limbs from the impact of swung or thrown objects. These items are durable and twice as thick as normal sports pads, yet still flexible enough to allow a full range of mobility. They come in one size and will comfortably fit wearers up to 225 lbs. Whereas you might normally expect to pay around $100 per piece of this equipment, the full set of Riot Ready Riot Gear has a retail price of $149.

2. Riot Shield: This riot shield is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate and measures 35” x 19.5”, large enough to completely cover and protect most users’ torsos. It is also totally transparent except for the arm bar in the center, so it will not impair your line of vision in situations where clear sight is critical. The arm bar is oriented for right-handed use, but it can be inverted for left-handed use as well. The Riot Ready Riot Shield is available for only $129.

3. Riot Helmet: This sturdy helmet was originally designed for use by the Egyptian Military during demonstrations against the country’s government, and that level of military-grade protection is now available on any budget. The Riot Ready Riot Helmet boasts a wide array of features including ear vents for ease of hearing, a neck protector to guard your neck against deflected blows or thrown objects, and a sturdy transparent face shield. Riot Ready offers this premium helmet at the unbelievable price of $99.

And for even more savings, the entire set of RiotReady Riot Gear - pads, shield, and helmet - is available at a further discounted price of $349, a savings of over $25 compared to buying each item individually. Wholesale prices are also available for retailers who want to buy in bulk. RiotReady Riot Gear is now available for anyone to purchase at, and can be found here.

BulletSafe produces and sells top-of-the-line bulletproof vests and other protective gear for everyone at unbeatable prices. BulletSafe is operated by PriveCo Inc. Tom Nardone, President of PriveCo, is available for questions or conversations at 1-800-809-0610.