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Do you read the labels when you go to the store? Ever ask for assistance or an opinion from a knowledgeable salesperson? We have tried to make sure that our websites offer all of the advice and information you will need to make an educated purchase decision.

By testing products before we offer them for sale Isdera Corp. avoids disatisfying our customers.

Did you know that we reviewed three different brands of nose-hair clippers before we decided upon selling Oster nose hair clippers? Have you read Shopinprivate's condom information page? Have you heard the truth about the taste of edible underwear? You will only find it here at We continue to let our customers know exactly how well (or poorly) a product works.

The foundation of any trusting relationship is based upon truth. Isdera Corp. tells the truth about its products and about ailments and conditions. If you suffer from Hemorrhoids you might want to read's Hemorrhoid information page. You might decide against buying anything and switch to a higher fiber diet. Your problem may be as simple as drinking more water. Either way, we have educated you as a customer and we know you'll be happy about it.

We feel that offering this information is just one aspect of a successful customer service plan. Good online businesses see offering free information as the equivalent of having knowledgeable salespeople. In our case online information also offers discretion and privacy.