Photo Use Policy - Trademark Info.

Photo Use Policy - Trademark Info.

Posted 4 / 21 / 05

PriveCo maintains our own photo studio. We do this to maintain the uniqueness of our sites appearance and to maintain the ability to accurately show the product that our customers will receive. It is an expensive and labor intensive process to do so.

For this reason we post a copyright notice on all over our website to prevent the unauthorized use of our photography and text. We also have posted this policy to alert people of the cost of using our photographs without authorization.

Like most websites, ours allow you to download images, this is how you view them. All visitors are allowed to do this. It is free of charge.

Non-profit organizations are welcome to write to us for the free use of our images.

For-profit entities and non-profit organizations without authorization will be charged $500.00 per photograph used. This fee will not be waived if the image is taken down. Once we spot the image on your website we will save a copy of your site, and send you an invoice.

Failure to pay invoices of this nature will result in a collections action and a small claims court date in the state of Michigan.

We apologize that the fee is rather high. We don't spend much time surfing the internet looking for our own work, so when we do find it we like to recoup our initial investment.