Nosy Neighbors Will Never Know - Extra Private Packaging by PriveCo - June 25th, 2009

Nosy Neighbors Will Never Know - Extra Private Packaging by PriveCo - June 25th, 2009

Nosy Neighbors Will Never Know - Double Layer Privacy

PriveCo Inc, The World's Most Private Company is introducing a new ordering feature. PriveCo's exclusive “Double Layer Privacy” adds a second layer of security to customer shipments, making it harder for nosy neighbors, roommates or family to learn the secret to our customers' happiness.

Shopping with PriveCo is easy. Soon after customers place their order they receive a plain brown box in the mail. The box doesn't say much. It merely has the return address “PriveCo Inc.”. That is our corporate name and it helps keep all shipments discreet.

Opening a PriveCo package is not easy, however. You'll need a knife, because we fasten all parcels with special, tamper-proof tape. This tape cannot be pried off and then resealed, it has to be cut open. This may seem like a pain, but when it comes to privacy, we don't take any chances.

Every customer receives these privacy features and for 10 years and 450,000 orders this level of privacy cemented our reputation as The World's Most Private Company. These methods will probably be enough for 90% of the people that order with us.

But some customers want even more privacy. For them, we invented Double Layer Privacy. With double layer privacy, even after you open the shipping box, you still won't be able to tell what is inside the package. That is because the contents and invoice will be sealed in an opaque black plastic bag. This black plastic seal is another way that PriveCo keeps customers' private lives private. Double Layer Privacy thwarts the efforts of nosy neighbors and curious roommates. It also prevents post office accidents from revealing what our customers order.

A recent survey suggests that 80% of shoppers would pay more than $1.00 for the service and that 45% would pay more than $2.00. But, nstead of pricing the service at a premium level, PriveCo will charge $0.99 to maximize the number of customers that choose to receive this unique packaging method. “We want everyone to know that and offer privacy that is unavailable elsewhere. We are offering Double Layer Privacy for about what it cost us in labor and materials and we are hopeful that people will choose to include it with their order.” Says Tom Nardone, the President of PriveCo Inc.

Double Layer Privacy is a unique offering. While PriveCo's strict, standard privacy methods are matched by a small number of companies, no one else offers anything like Double Layer Privacy.

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