May 2, 2017 - Introduces the Velvet Collection Introduces the Velvet Collection

For nearly 20 years now, has been the number one place to shop for the world’s highest quality vibrators and best-selling sex toys at the lowest prices. reviews and tests hundreds of new vibrators every year, and selects only the best to feature on the site. Since the site was founded, we’ve made an effort to stock all the finest toys from all of the industry’s leading manufacturers. But today, introduces a new line of products from a brand new supplier: ourselves! is proud to announce the Velvet Collection, our very own line of premium vibrators. We’ve taken our years of experience identifying the highest quality materials and most desirable features and put our minds to work designing a collection of vibrators of various types that we know our customers will love. The initial Velvet lineup includes two G-spot vibrators, two dual motor vibrators, and a wand vibrator, so everyone can find a Velvet vibrator that’s right for them.
Using the methods established by the Vibrator Institute, each of the toys in the Velvet collection demonstrated sound levels among the industry’s quietest and power ratings among the highest. These vibrators are all very quiet and very powerful. They’re also versatile, with each toy featuring at least ten different functions and modes of vibration. Velvet vibrators come in a lovely shade of violet, and are made from premium-grade silicone, a hygienic and body-safe material that feels silky-smooth to the touch.

The feature of Velvet vibrators that we’re most excited about, however, is the price. Because is the distributor of these toys, we’re able to sell them at a fraction of what other vibrators of the same type and quality would cost. Velvet vibrators are available for as low as $29.99, and none cost more than $49.99. Velvet vibrators are available exclusively from

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