Hair Removal for Everywhere - April 18th, 2001

Hair Removal for Everywhere - April 18th, 2001

Livonia, MI – April 18, 2001: We all share the same experience. We put off using hair removal products until the last minute. Instead of looking smooth and clean we end up red, swollen and sore. Many hair removal mishaps are caused by poor product selection., the webs most private store, can help you enjoy a carefree, hair free summer.

Shopinprivate’s Interactive Hair Removal Guide helps you find the right products for every area of your body. With over 60 hair removal products, Shopinprivate can guide you to the right product for any hair removal need. As one of the Internet’s oldest companies, Shopinprivate has the experience to support you. specializes in offering personal items in a private environment. They know that people are uncomfortable asking personal questions at a store or pharmacy. Their website provides answers to embarrassing questions. The Interactive Hair Removal Guide helps you find exactly what you need. By clicking on a particular area of the body you receive advice and products for removing hair from that region. The guide provides tips for men and women alike.

Many people think that hair removal products are only for women. Shopinprivate knows that many men are interested in a clean look as well. Some products are mostly for men such as men’s razors, beard trimmers, and electric nose hair clippers. Other items are designed for women such as bikini line trimmers, facial hair bleaches, and women’s razors. Many products can be used by both sexes. Eyebrow tweezers, depilatory lotions, waxing kits, and some shaving products can be used by anyone. Shopinprivate offers personal products for everyone and concentrates on helping customers avoid embarrassment.

Shopinprivate concentrates on privacy as well as personal products. The site has an unparalleled privacy policy. Customer information is not shared, sold, or even used. When you shop in private your information is held in the strictest of confidence.

Tom Nardone of is available for conversations related to hair removal and private products at 1-800-809-0610.