BulletSafe Debuts the K-9 Bulletproof Vest - April 3, 2015

BulletSafe Debuts the K-9 Bulletproof Vest - April 3, 2015

Bulletsafe.com is excited to announce the debut of its newest product, an inexpensive K-9 Bulletproof Vest, complete with Level IIIA protection, for just $499. Comparable K-9 bullet proof vests cost upwards of $780, and BulletSafe's low cost is unprecedented.

BulletSafe manufactured their K-9 Vest to make bulletproof vests for dogs more affordable, while offering the same great protective features as other K-9 vests on the market. BulletSafe specializes in making inexpensive bulletproof vests and other protective gear, at a fraction of the price of other manufacturers.

The BulletSafe K-9 Bulletproof Vest uses the same ballistic materials as Bulletsafe's traditional vest, and offers level IIIA (3A) protection throughout. Level IIIA is the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor. It will stop handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum.

The BulletSafe K-9 Bulletproof Vest also offers S-1 level stab-proof protection on the chest. Stab protection is useful if your dog may encounter stab-like threats. This is great not only for pursuit scenarios, but also for hog-hunting dogs, and other situations. The BulletSafe K-9 Vest is a great vest designed to meet the needs of any large K-9.

We are proud of our vest and its price. It is priced hundreds of dollars less than other K-9 bulletproof vests, while offering equivalent or better protection. Other features include a top-handle that is rated for 500 pounds of force, and a velcro area where you can adhere identification. The vest uses six adjustable buckles to facilitate a perfect fit.

Bulletsafe.com is home of the $299 IIIA Bulletproof Vest, an inexpensive vest at an unbelievable price. Bulletsafe.com specializes in creating low-cost, high-quality protective gear for law officers, security guards, preppers, and everyone interested in personal safety. Bulletsafe.com also makes ballistic plates, backpack panels, an alpha vest, and a bulletproof baseball cap. Tom Nardone, President of Bulletsafe, is available for questions or conversations at 1-800-809-0610.