BulletSafe Creates A Legal Guide To Selling Bulletproof Vests In All 50 States - May 6th, 2014

BulletSafe Creates A Legal Guide To Selling Bulletproof Vests In All 50 States - May 6th, 2014

In mid-2013 PriveCo Inc. launched BulletSafe, a line of high-performance bulletproof vests that are affordable to people on a limited budget. The business has taken off. Many people work or play in dangerous environments and BulletSafe's vest is the best choice for them.

BulletSafe's Legal Guide to Buying And Selling Body is now available at BulletSafe.com. The comprehensive Body Armor Law Guide contains need-to-know body armor statutes for all fifty states. When it comes to the legalities of selling bulletproof vests, whether online or face-to-face, BulletSafe.com has retailers covered.

State body armor laws can be difficult to dig up, even online. BulletSafe's Body Armor Law Guide saves retailers time and money by putting all the crucial state-by-state intel in one, well-organized place. We've included the federal laws in our guide, and a page for each state that details any statute that may affect retailers. This legal guide removes many of the doubts and fears retailers have about selling bulletproof vests.

Did you know that most civilians are allowed to own a bulletproof vest? Unless you have been convicted of a felony it is perfectly legal for your to own a bulletproof vest in all 50 states. In many states even people with a felony conviction can apply for the right to own body armor. Selling vests is easy as well, because bulletproof vests are safety equipment, no states require background check or records reporting during the sale of body armor. Before the introduction of the BulletSafe vest, the only barrier to owning a bulletproof vest was cost, and with our low price of $299 many people will now be able to afford the safety of wearing body armor. The BulletSafe vest was created to allow more people access to ballistic protection and our legal guide continues that process.

BulletSafe.com is committed to supporting retailers with all aspects of body armor retail. Check out our state-by-state legal guides here, and our FAQ pages for any other questions you may have.

Tom Nardone, President of PriveCo, is available for questions or conversations at 1-800-809-0610.