Bachelorette Parties - The New Hotness - April 13th, 2005

Bachelorette Parties - The New Hotness - April 13th, 2005

Bachelorette Parties - The New Hotness

Why have bachelorette parties become one of the fastest growing trends among women today? Because bachelorette parties are a natural fit for today's bride. These parties are both a statement of equality and an antidote for overly formal bridal showers.

Bachelorette parties are fun. They focus on the fun aspects of both married and single life. They also lavish attention on the bride. Almost 80 percent of orders from include veils, tiaras, or other attire that calls attention to the bride-to-be. Bachelorette party games are popular as well. Pin The Macho on The Man, a variant of pin the tail on the donkey is a favorite as are piƱatas and drinking games. Adult-themed decorations, invitations, and drinking straws are popular when the party is staying at home. Contrary to popular belief, less than 25% of bachelorette parties seem to include male dancers. Most are simply planned, fun events held in the home or at a local bar. No single formula works for every bachelorette party, instead parties are usually designed to fit the Bride best.

Throwing the perfect bachelorette party is easier than ever. offers ideas and advice to help you along. Unlike a bridal shower, formal catering, attire, and location are not required. Sure, some parties are planned months in advance, but that isn't necessary. Sometimes it is fun just to take a normal Saturday night and celebrate with your friends.

Why has been so successful? "We have the widest selection, the most delivery methods, and the best customer service. Also, we love the business. Helping to plan bachelorette parties is a fun job." says Tom Nardone of "We are working hard to supply more parties this year than ever before."

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